The new formula for professional insulation

Borular / Tubes
ThermaSmart is an advanced, innovative insulation material made of Thermoplastic elastomeric foam (TPE). Designed for use in cooling, ventilation and air-conditioning systems, but also suitable for heating and plumbing installations. ThermaSmart has excellent insulation properties, high flexibility, resists UV light and many chemicals and oils.
Anthracite insulation tube, without seam, for cooling, ventilation and air conditioning applications
  • Standard length: 2 metres
  • λ40 = 0,036 W/mK; λ0 = 0,032 W/mK
  • μ > 10.000
  • Diameter of insulated pipes: 6 to 114 mm
  • Temperature range: -80° C to +95° C
ThermaSmart - Bobin / Coils
ThermaSmart coils are very easy to apply in air conditioning and solar systems. ThermaSmart coils are produced in rolls. Roll length available from 10 to 50 meters depending on diameter and thickness.
  • Diameter of insulated pipes: 6 to 28 mm
  • Temperature range: -80° C to +95° C
ThermaSmart - Levhalar / Sheets
Insulation sheets for refrigeration and air conditioning applications, also available in self-adhesive sheets.

  • Standard width: 1 metres
60% and more Energy Saving
HEATING / Domestic Hot Water

Parameters: 70° C water temp, 15° C room temp,
heating period 10 hours/day, 220 days/year, 200 m pipe